X02 The Stock Room: Alien: The Ache of the Covenant w/ Martin & Andy

It’s no secret that Prometheus is my #1 worst movie of all time. So what did I think of the new Alien Movie UK (Covenant)? Has Ridley Scott redeemed himself? Or should we feel nervous for Blade Runner 2049?
Find out when I sat down to discuss with The Fear Merchant and No Sequel For You – An Offbeat Film Podcast.

The What Cast Thought Experiment

This is a thought experiment, run in partnership with The What Cast. Listen to the files and then tweet us to tell us your results. By downloading the files you agree that you have read everything on this page and assume all liability.


The purpose of this page is to determine whether a combination of guided meditation and sound forms can induce a state of altered consciousness and, if so, can various frequencies of reality be actively engaged with for personal benefit.

In short, we are trying to achieve something nearing Doctor Manhattan.


This is an experiment. If you speak to any scientist, they will tell you that the vast majority of experiments either fail, or do not yield the expected result. However, I am using the best data available to me at the time of writing and the work here has been done in good faith.

As such, you should consider this is a work in progress and it requires your feedback. Let me know what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be done better.

You can message me on Facebook or on Twitter.

By using the files on this site, you agree that you are aware that you are engaging in thought experiments by means of altering your brainwaves. This is inherently risky, and you may run the risk of permanent damage. By using the files on this site, you assume all liability for the effects and no warrantee is given.

Do not use these files if you are driving or have any history of cognitive impairment including but not limited to epilepsy.

Please don’t sue me.


For many years I have had the growing sense that there is more to our reality than our senses allow us to experience. Dogs can smell and hear in ranges that far exceed ours. Cats seem to see things beyond the spectrum of our vision.

The truth is that there is more that we don’t understand about our universe than we do, and I for one would like to find out.

My approach is a scientific one, and as such data is everything.

Being honest, I want to believe. I want to believe in aliens, alternate dimensions, and the one-ness of the universe. However, data is lacking for any of those and this is an attempt to begin that process.


The files attached here use a combination of techniques.

The first is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). An embryonic version of this was detailed throughout the 1940’s and 50’s with Gestalt Therapy and Noam Chomsky’s publications on linguistics.

Very broadly, NLP provides that specific phraseology can be used to modify thought processes and bring about positive change through altered mindsets. When looking to modern NLP methods I have considered the works of Paul Mackenna, Richard Bandler, and John Grinder.

The narrative that forms the framework takes its cue from multiple sources and it is probably best to discuss these:

Chaos Magick – very broadly, this is not a belief system of itself, but provides that if you believe then it will be so. Whilst pioneered by the likes of Peter Carroll in the 1970’s, their work is somewhat dense and is not easily digestible for modern audiences. When considering Chaos Magick applications, I have mostly stuck to the works of Phillip Hine, who I find to be highly readable.

The belief system used in these files is a mix of quantum mechanics and Zen Buddhism, more of which will be discussed later.

The Law of Attraction – as an overview, this system states that if you act and believe in certain things, then they will come to you. Where Chaos Magick advocates an invocation that is then forgotten, The Law of Attraction states that belief should be constant.

In the files attached to this page, I have combined the “design your own system and associated invocations” of Chaos Magick with the “always on” premise of Law of Attraction.

For that reason, I have not opted for the use of traditional Sigil Magick, but there is nothing to stop you using that particular aspect should you so desire.

Biocentrism – whilst a comparatively new concept, this model states that the universe does not exist without consciousness, and uses various examples from quantum experiments to support its central thesis. It goes further to declare that physical death is an illusion, and that consciousness transcends the end of the mortal shell.

Personally, this resonates with my Zen leanings, and the philosophical standpoint of one of my modern heroes, Bill Hicks, and in particular his comments on the true nature of life and the universe.

Zen – this branch of Buddhism was introduced to me when I was 18, and I have continued to flirt with it ever since. Broadly, there is strong emphasis of being part of the greater whole and that knowing doctrine means nothing if it is not applied on a daily basis.

Soundscapes Credits

The following have been used in the construction of this project:
X-WOF 6 (Wheel of Fortune 6) was used to create the primary soundscape.
Gnaural was used to create the binaural tones
Salli from Ivona was used to create the voice.

Everything was pulled together and mixed in Mixcraft 7 Pro Studio (64bit).

If you want to talk plugins and specific settings then feel free to message me on Facebook or on Twitter

Preparation & What To Expect

From my reading, accessing alternate frequencies of reality is a skill based discipline. That means don’t expect to get it first time. It takes practice to get good. Doctors study for years and champion fighters are decades in the making.

Hopefully it won’t take you that long, but I would recommend practising at least once a day for three weeks.

General tips to prepare:

  1. Turn all electronic devices off. Unplug your landline. Send the kids to the grandparents. Make sure you won’t be disturbed.
  2. Ensure you have drunk enough. Aim for 5-6 pints of water per day, and go to the toilet before you begin.
  3. Personally, I have found that lying in bed works best for relaxation. However you can lay on a recliner if you prefer.
  4. I would recommend drawing the curtains or wearing an eye-mask.
  5. USE HEADPHONES. There are different things going on in different stereo channels and there is a reason for it. If you want to read the science, then begin here, otherwise take my word for it and get a big comfortable pear of headphones – NOT earbuds.
  6. DO NOT drink alcohol or take recreational drugs.

The first few minutes take you through some breathing exercises which are aimed at getting you relaxed.

After that, you will be asked to vizualize a ladder and then climb it.


The total track length is about 75 minutes.

The tracks are presented in both WAV and MP3 formats.

For the best results, I recommend using the WAV.

Download WAV

Download MP3

The What Cast #168 – The Birth Of The Shadow Government

I return for a guest slot on The What Cast to talk about the rise of the Shadow Government in the US, the assassination of the first Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, and the inspiration for my latest short story, The Coming of Winter.

You can listen:
On the website
On iTunes

And you can find a special media pack on the all the research that went into this episode and story in the download section of the website.

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