The Coming of Winter

(A Short Story From The Spirals of Danu #2)

“You have some pieces of the puzzle, we have others. But we have little time...”

On a cold October day in 1947, the first Secretary of Defense James Forrestal is astounded to see his Russian counterpart, Nikolai Bulganin, materialize in his office. The Soviet claims that his plea for assistance is critical to the survival of both of the world’s superpowers, and that a new force is rising, greater than anyone could have imagined.

For something from Hitler’s eugenics programs has endured. Something that should have been forgotten has fallen into the wrong hands and now the skies will be host to something dark and unfathomable if left unchecked.

Struggling to believe the evidence before him, Forrestal must risk the respect of his peers and a forty year career if he is to convince an incredulous President.

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The Last Testatament of Thomas Griffith

(A Short Story From The Spirals of Danu #1)

"There are things under the stars that no-one should know."

So speaks Thomas Griffith, the sole surviving keeper of the Smalls Lighthouse. Beset by the worst storm in a century, he bears witness to the untimely death of his colleague and love rival, Howell, only to suffer greater horrors than anyone should endure.

For something in Howell has survived. Something arcane and eldritch now calls to Griffith across the chasm of life, promising such gifts and treasure if only he will let it in.

Holding on to the last shreds of his sanity, Griffith must choose between a power that he fears will consume him, and the love of his ever-faithful wife.

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The Shackles Of A Name (The Spirals of Danu #3)

One boy. One destiny. A nation on fire. 

In the lush Inzai Valley, young Soma Yoshimoto knows little of the War For The Chrysanthemum Throne that has raged throughout Oyashima for the last twenty years. Instead, he yearns to leave his noble birth behind him and become a farmer. But when his father is assassinated, and his village slaughtered, Yoshimoto must flee with only his governor for protection, an old monk for advice, and his two cousins for company.

As competing factions alternately vie to win his loyalty or destroy him, Yoshimoto must travel further than he could ever imagine if he is to find his father’s killer and restore his family name.

Yet it is not just the road that brings danger, for the shadows are lengthening and an ancient darkness stalks the land. Soon Yoshimoto will have to confront not only his destiny, and the growing power inside him, but he must decide which woman he truly loves and which one to sacrifice.

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The Beggar of Beliefs

(The Spirals of Danu#2)


Freeman Sullivan knows that time is not only against him, but the entire human race.

In the stunning conclusion to ‘A Gathering of Twine’, Freeman tells the story of George Tate, as the disgraced archaeologist races to not only find the truth behind the strange inscriptions at Maiden Castle, but also a means to halt the lengthening of shadows. 

Yet there are dark and powerful forces aligning against him. As The Raven Men pour through from Sumerland to orchestrate the fall of Man, The Third Twine must reveal himself in a desperate bid to unlock the secrets of The Lost Citadel and discover the survivors of The Iyrian Empire.

But not everyone is who they claim to be. As our world begins to fail, so disguises will be revealed and masks will fall as the battle for all creation reaches its climax.

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The Call of The Black River

(The Spirals of Danu #1.5)

In 1977, Earth received its only extra-terrestrial radio signal. 

At NASA, Professor Tom Jenkins is notified that the broadcast originated on our planet. Tasked with discovering who or what is reaching out to the stars, his mission will force him to confront the ghosts of his past in his hometown of Lorain, Ohio. 

Our government told us the signal was a hoax. 

Agent Conrad Reid must lead a team who neither know nor trust him... and is briefed that if the Soviets reach the source of the transmission before he does, then millions will die. 

Our government lied. 

Doctor Rose Santiago knows of the shared secrets that bind the team and, even as the mystery unravels, that accounts must be settled. Because Ohio never forgets its debts, and everyone must heed the call.

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A Gathering of Twine

(The Spirals of Danu #1)

"Everything about you is a lie." 

In this first novel in his epic fantasy-horror series, The Spirals of Danu, Martin Adil-Smith introduces the reader to a cast of unlikely heroes; Professor George Tate, one of the mythical Twine, and his seemingly ageless assistant, Celus.

Freeman Sullivan submits his final book to his incredulous editor and tells the occult tale of George and Celus as they discover that every great global institution has been infiltrated by shadowy forces beyond mortal understanding.

Stalked at every turn by the sinister Raven Men, the friends must take their first steps towards the Citadel of The Last, and the divine evil that dwells within. Yet their cause is not without cost and their journey that will leave a trail of conspiracy and mayhem.

From the ashes of shattered lives will rise those who will help and hinder, as the mystery of Sumerland threatens to throw all creation into chaos. George, Celus, and even Freeman must choose their battles with care, for today's casualty may be tomorrow's enemy.

Because Freeman has realized George’s truth - that the walls between worlds are thinning and the shadows are lengthening, as Humanity braces for an evil beyond our comprehension.

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The Demons of Emily Eldritch (The Spirals of Danu #0.5)

She knew that she was ready to do what must be done.

Emily Eldritch has known for all of her thirty-nine years that she is not who she is meant to be. Now, in an anonymous hotel in Mid-Town Manhattan, she faces the truth of her ruined life; a husband who does not love her, a child she believes she is not fit to care for, and a grief that has never been faced.

And yet, in her final hours, something calls to her, reliving the events that have so reduced her… and offering her an impossible alternative.

Now Emily must choose whether to continue in this world, or take her chances in the next.

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