Timeline & Extended Universe

Being an author, you’re probably not surprised to hear that I know few writers. We’re a small genre-based group who chat infrequently about our current works in progress. Like me they all write in a series and, like me, they have a Vault.

The Vault is a document that contains the canon of a series. It foresees who goes where and does what as well as setting down the laws of that universe which are for the most part immutable.

When I talk about The Spirals of Danu, I find it quite difficult not to jump ahead (or backwards) and give spoilers, because that is the nature of the universe that I have written.

There are two things that make writing a published timeline problematic in terms of The Spirals of Danu; firstly there are TWO timestreams – that of Sumerland and that of our universe. The timestreams do not run at equivalent rates (ie; a day here is not a day there), and due to the nature of The Heorte Rift, it is both possible and probable to travel between different temporal points. For instance, you may enter the Rift in 2016 in our universe, and exit in 200 in Sumerland. However, your return journey from 200 may deposit you in 1939. Navigating The Heorte Rift requires a skill that most Humans lack and even some Raven Men struggle with it.

Thus, when you come to read the following timeline, there will be some looping which at first will be confusing and it may take a couple of readings to understand.

If you get too confused, then ask here.

As a sidebar, it also worth noting that there are also the events that take place outside of our universe – The War In Namlu, between the Choir and Danu. Whilst I know what happens and when, these events aren’t really subject to Time in the traditional sense... so for the time being I’ve left them out, other than to make passing reference to them when absolutely necessary.

Secondly, I have deliberately set out to go beyond the usual world-building. As is noted in The Beggar of Beliefs, there are numerous worlds beyond our that show the influence of The Demon Goddess. There are both novels and short-stories planned that deal with a variety of these, but unless there is a direct effect on Earth (and a couple of them do), then I am remaining silent about them at this juncture.

Next to each entry I have put the book where the event takes place or references it. If there is no reference, then information is for titillation and to give you an idea what is coming up.

Finally, I deliberately apply both layers and subtext to my work. Often there is what appears to be a throwaway line in one story, which actually references to another book. So unless you’ve spent several hundred hours picking apart all the references, then what follows main contain a few spoilers.

You have been warned.

The Time At The End of Time The previous universe ends and three great civilizations come together to achieve a post physical status as a single gestalt entity in the great void known as Namlu. In its loneliness, the entity clones itself until Danu is created and The War of Namlu begins. (Steles from “A Gathering of Twine” and “The Beggar of Beliefs”)

The Time At The Beginning of Time Approx 14-16 billion years ago. Our Universe is created by Danu.

5 Billion Years Ago Our solar system forms. Danu remains outside of our universe.

4.8 Billion Years Ago An unexpected group of comets passes through our solar system. Whilst some collide with various planets and satellites, others spread water and vital amino acids.

4.5 Billion Years Ago The height of the Iyrian Empire on Baalvara (modern day Earth). Development of Q-Energy systems and the rise in the use of Drone Technology sees automated workers achieve consciousness.

Two further comets travel through the solar system. One strikes Mars, the other impacts Baalvara and forms the moon.

The Iyrian Apocalypse concludes with a small number fleeing in ark ships. A few others seek hibernation and sanctuary in a number of Earces. (Steles from “A Gathering of Twine”)

Danu manifests and the now conscious Drones swear allegiance, forming the first Raven Nests, led by Riah, and The Great Time Schism begins.

The remaining Iyrian survivors are systematically exterminated until the Ravens are routed at The Battle of Nod. (Steles from “A Gathering of Twine”)

Riah liberates the concentration camps to find that a mass rape programme has been enforced and a number of Ravens are now pregnant with hybrid embryos.

Mankind is born.

Following the Desecration Rebellions, the First Raven Nest begins to fracture. The Pure Word sect call for the extermination of Humans, who are rescued by Magda (Steles from “A Gathering of Twine”)

The Humans are led through a Heorte Rift to Earth (our universe), circa 200,00 BC.

The Iyrian fleet travels into deep space.

Sumerland Earth
200,000 BC The First Raven War First Human Colony established under the guard of The Gregori
195,000 BC Truce declared, and the formalisation of the various Raven Nest Chapters. The Fall of The Gregori, assassination of Magda, and The First Colony is dissolved.
175,000 BC Temporal tracking of the Iyrian fleet reveals that only a few survivors are left in the Sumerland time stream. The First Iyrian awakens within an Earce. Discovery of the Farravashi and subsequent training.
165,000 BC Humans begin to reappear in Sumerland. Some are corralled, others are killed. The power of The Twine is suspected The Iyrian Fleet discover the first traces of Q-Energy beyond the Terran System. On Earth, Humans continue to migrate through equatorial zones.
155,000 BC The First Human Accord is agreed upon, with Humans serving alongside Ravens for the first time. The Iyrians encounter the Lobe, discover the Gaia Nexus and detect the Faravashi.
152,000 BC The First Great Massing
150,000 BC The Second Raven War.
130,000 BC Truce declared following the extermination of all Humans in Sumerland. Widespread Raven monitoring of Human settlements begins.
100,000 BC The first Iyrians reappear, briefly uniting the various Raven Nests against a common enemy. The Iyrians encounter The Silere and The Husht. Detection of the Heorte Ripple and the Iyrian Civil War.
88,000 BC The Second Human Accord is agreed. Thomas Howell assumes the role of Dictator. Retreat of The Ravens following The Husht Revelation. First Husht expedition to Earth is destroyed by Ravens attacks. Iyrian communication with The Gregori and agreement for the Fleet to return to Earth.
76,000 BC The Second Great Massing
50,000 BC Henry Carestrade succeeds as Dictator
30,000 BC Sera & Fiacha of The Tuatha pledges allegiance to Danu. Greine is born.
23,000 BC Emily Eldritch succeeds as Dictator. Thomas Howell disappears.
10,000 BC Raven Nests reactivate The Tuatha capital relocates to Ireland. Greine begins his crusade for Danu and meets Celus who becomes his kinsman (Steles from “A Gathering of Twine”)
9,100 BC The rise and fall of Norea
8,000 BC Discovery of the Farravashi and renewed Raven campaigns. Niederlicht is founded. The Canon Master is discovered and training begins. The Fall of Maiden Castle followed by The Great Sea War between The Tuatha and The Coraniaid. (Steles from “A Gathering of Twine”) The Second Husht expedition saves a Farravashi enclave in the Far East.
4,000 BC The Locust Wars and the rise of Queen Aurica along the Murkwood borders.
200 BC The Million Man War. The Canon Master takes to the field of battle. Anna Hyde ascends the Murkwood Throne and meets Celus. Eve is born. (referenced in “The Shackles of a Name” and “The Disciples of The Veil”)
9 AD The Bructeri stop the advancement of the Roman Empire (“The Disciples of The Veil”)
100-300 AD The Twine beging to reappear Persecution of Valentinians, Archontic and Gnostics begin.
416 AD The Heorte Ripple at Krakatoa.
526 AD The Raven-Human Accord at Antioch.
1000 AD The Husht cross over to Sumerland Bogomil genocide
1200-1350 Cathar annihilation
1333-1412 The Bullersten virus manifests, increasing inter-nest tensions. Japan’s civil war. The Jion Cycle begins. (“The Shackles of A Name”)
1530 The first sightings of Derkesthai and nest skirmishes.
1556 The Ravens at Shaanxi and the re-emergence of Jion.
1580 The source of Derkesthai is traced, and human-raven relations hit a new low.
1642 English Civil War begins
1650 A decree of human annihilation is thwarted by Husht intervention.
1680 Human outposts abandoned in favour of Husht Sanctuary.
1783 The Raven sabotage at Grímsvötn.
1784 Riah orders operations against unfriendly Nests.
1788 Husht forces repel Raven offensive with the aid of Thomas Howell and The Farravashi. Main counter to Danu and the ravens begins.
1801 The first death and resurrection of Thomas Howell (“The Last Testament of Thomas Griffith”)  
1807 Decree for permanent Heorte safeguarding made by Ravens
1815 The Wewelsburg Incident. The disappearance of Thomas Howell. The Vatican secures Howell’s Journal Merten Sockel begins his training. (“The Disciples of The Veil”)
1843 Husht destabilization of Heorte rift thwarted A Raven Nest dedicates itself to collecting Iyrian artefacts. (“The Crossing Of Old Lady Probert”)
1850 Howell demonstrates his theories to Charles Babbage who begins to understand the calculus of creation. Predicts the emergence of The Bullersten virus.
1857 Merten Sockel preaches in America.
1861 American Civil War begins
1883 Second Husht attempt to destabilize Heorte Rift successful The Heorte Ripple at Krakatoa
1887 The Heorte Ripple at Yellow River
1907 The Twine reach out to the Farravashi but are rebuffed. Initial tests on subverting local perception are successful (“The Statistical Probability Of Hugh Williams”)
1908 Henry Carestrade & The Tunguska Event. The Heorte Ripple manifests (“The Beggar of Beliefs”) The Husht fail to seal the rift.
1912 Breakaway Raven factions swarm the Rift en masse. Wholesale manipulation of human affairs by Ravens begins
1913 Imperialist Russian forces return Husht debris from Tunguska to Moscow.
1914 First World War begins.
1917 Major Raven Nest recovers Husht technology. Russian Revolution beings.
1947 Minor Raven Nest secures an amount of Silere technology.

Silere disaster at New Mexico. USA & USSR agree to implement Cold War. ("The Coming of Winter")

1951 Celus and the poisoning of Pont-St-Espirit (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
1952 US Government comes to suspect the Gaia Sphere, and research programs begin
1954 Husht forces decimated at Gant George & Celus meet and destroy and Raven Nest. (“A Gathering of Twine”)
1962 Farravashi forces annihilated at Hunayn. Starfish Prime & The Loss of Scandinavian 101 The Heorte Ripple Manifests (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
1963 Bructeri, Farravashi, & Husht forces rally to Non-Hi for a final stand and are saved by Derkesthai.
1965 US Government Gaia Sphere research moves to military field testing.
1975 Voluntary infection of the Bullersten virus begins. George & Celus excavate Maiden Castle. The Ashley-Cooper Incident (“A Gathering of Twine”)
1977 The WOW signal is received. Carl Sagan moves into NASA comms. Tom Jenkins pays his debt unwillingly. The Canon Master rises. (“The Call of The Black River”)
1978 The Twine contact The Lobe The Jonestown episode (“A Gathering of Twine”)
1979 The Lobe enter Sumerland. George & Celus leave The British Museum (“A Gathering of Twine”)
1980 Failed Silere reconnaissance of Bentwaters and Rendlesham Forest Artifacts recovered.
1981 US Government Gaia Sphere research moves active operations following the recovery of the Howell’s Journal.
1985 The Jordanian Disaster (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
1986 The Lobe pact with Derkesthai. Raise The Selvistan (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
1988 US Government Gaia Sphere research shut down following the Skinwalker Incident. Private contractor purchases the assets, research, and staff.
1995 The B&B California (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
1996 Merten Sockel’s ministry begins. Special units are formed to search and recover The Twine. Heorte anomalies manifest at Skinwalker Ranch
2000 The Silere heal the Heorte abnormalities at Skinwalker ranch.
2006 George & Celus trigger the Heorte Ripple John Lennox is converted Murphy King is lost Anna Hyde is lost Ryan Hyde’s trials begin (“A Gathering of Twine”)  
2007 The Cannon Master is denied a Nest. Sam Cotrahens attempts to kill Irene Tate (Riah). (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
2013 Emily Eldritch considers her life (“The Demons of Emily Eldritch”)
2018 Training of The Twine begins. The Aberdeen Temple revelations (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
2020 Jion, George & Celus meet at The Citadel of The Lost (“A Gathering of Twine”) Global food riots. American dissolves, becoming a nation of warring states. The Bullersten virus spreads throughout central and south America. (referenced in both “A Gathering of Twine” & “The Beggar of Beliefs”)  
2030 Destruction of the Twine seminary. The Day of Blood. Global terrorist atrocities. (“The Beggar of Beliefs”)
2033 The Farravashi begin to counter-attack, led by Thomas Howell. Freeman Sullivan is captured. (“A Gathering of Twine” & “The Beggar of Beliefs”)
2034 George Tate dies and meets Master Otsuno
2051 The Heorte Ripple decimates a large area of Australia. (referenced in both “A Gathering of Twine” & “The Beggar of Beliefs”)
2054 The Chinese discover a Raven Nest and Gaia Sphere. Thomas Howell begins his unification drive.
2105 The Third Great Massing The Twine are gathered. The Iyrian fleet returns. The Gregori are unbound. The Earce’s begin to open. The final Farravashi push begins. The Derkesthai armada launches. The Raven task force overwhelm Husht outposts. Contact is made with Namlu. The Merten Sockel cycle begins. The Riah Revelation. The Heorte Ripple magnifies resulting in the merger of the two-time streams. (referenced in both “A Gathering of Twine” & “The Beggar of Beliefs”)